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Euroson America partners with PoINT Software & Systems to provide data storage management products which meet the highest standards for compliance and reliability. We are committed to providing our customers a superior level of support and technical assistance. Hundreds of commercial customers, from hospitals, government and military agencies to financial institutions rely on the quality and stability of PoINT Software products from Euroson to provide automated archiving solutions and compliant, high capacity data storage systems.

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Euroson America Product Line
PoINT Archiver

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PoINT Archiver is a Windows server application for centralized administration of the complete process of data archival and data storage management. Using an intuitive user interface, Archive Jobs are created with PoINT Archiver to provide monitoring, protection, migration, tranparent access and recovery of information, so that virtually every compliance and business continuity issue relating to data storage and access can be addressed and satisfied. Additional modules provide Retrieval, Data Protection, and Authentication features. Retrieval allows selected archive data to be restored to its original location, or to a new location. Data Protection applies encryption of Archive Volumes, which prevents unauthorized access. Data Authentication monitors Archive Volumes for changes and alterations to data, and creates a series of reports to assure the accuracy and authenticity of data. For additional security, multiple storage devices in multiple locations may be used in parallel and multiple CD/DVD/BD disc production systems can also be used. A database of all archived files is presented in an Explorer like view where individual files, directories and the entire Archive Job can be searched and retrieved as needed. Files can be retrieved to their original location, or to a new location.

  • Archiver incorporates PoINTs Tiered Archive File System (TAFS). When applied to local, monitored folders, TAFS provides settings & controls for attribute management of files within these folders, allowing existing or new data shares to be secured as Write Once compliant volumes. Additionally with TAFS, files which are migrated into Archive Volumes located on secondary storage devices can be replaced by links at their original location. TAFS allows specifying independent conditions for Archival of data and for replacing source data files with Links to the Archive Volumes, freeing up valuable server space while maintaining transparent read access to the archived data via the file system.

  • PoINT Archiver uses a network-wide process of Filter Based Data Archiving, whereby multiple Archive Jobs can be created and configured to “Monitor” specified folders. Monitored folders can be locally attached devices as well as any accessible network share. According to user defined Conditions (time, size, age, attributes), files contained within these monitored folders are either copied or moved into Archive Volumes. Archiver can store the Archive Volumes on multiple Devices, in multiple locations. Devices can be “On Line” magnetic storage such as a NAS hard disk, as well as “Off Line” optical media which are produced using automated CD/DVD/BD disc production systems. Secondary storage devices such as optical and tape libraries may also be used as On Line Archive Volume storage Devices. (Additional Library management software is required)

  • An optional Data Protection module uses encryption which further protects the entire contents of the Archive Volumes, preventing unauthorized access to archived data. The combination of a system key and different archive keys makes the files illegible outside of the specific PoINT Archiver installation. The PoINT Secure File System secures data written to any Archive Volume and when used with disc publishing systems combines the advantages of removable media with the security of closed systems.

  • PoINT’s Authentication module can check the integrity of archived files and verify if a medium or file has been manipulated. This assures the trustworthiness of the archive. Digital fingerprints of the archived files as well as of the complete volumes are encoded and stored in the volume itself as well as in the database. Thus any individual Archive Volume can be examined for consistency and compared with the database. Additionally, the files in the origin folder can be compared with the database or with the archived files. Documents which have been deleted or changed are identified and reported to the administrator.

    Jukebox Manager

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    The Ideal High Capacity Data Storage Solution for Archiving, Compliance and Disaster Recovery. The PoINT Jukebox Manager is sophisticated storage management software for Windows servers. Jukebox Manager integrates an Optical Library with NAS RAID and SAN devices to produce a reliable high capacity data storage system. Proven technologies and standardized file systems provide the most cost effective method for companies and agencies to maintain electronic records in a compliant manner, for long periods of time.

  • PoINT Jukebox Manager makes the integration of optical storage into an existing IT infrastructure a simple and straightforward process. The service generates a drive letter on the jukebox server which represents the complex storage hierarchy. The complete file system, or individual volumes and subdirectories can be shared independently through the network by using the standard Windows Sharing and Permission mechanisms. Sophisticated hard disc caching provides high performance read-write access.

  • PoINT Jukebox Manager archives data quickly and securely by using the combination of hard disk storage and optical media (CD, DVD, MO, UDO, PDD, BD). An optional mirroring feature enhances security by creating two media with identical contents in one or more Jukebox systems. Any application can archive data utilizing the transparent standard based file system of the PoINT Jukebox Manager. True WORM permanence is achieved using optical storage. Hard disc performance is achieved through sophisticated write and read cache mechanisms.

  • Nexsan's revolutionary AutoMAID™ energy saving technology greatly reduces power consumption and operating costs.

  • The PoINT Jukebox Manager provides automated (or manual) creation of copies of finalized media within the jukebox. These duplicate media can easily be exported and stored off-line (e.g. in a safe) for true disaster recovery. Additionally, using the integrated mirroring option, the PoINT Jukebox Manager can simultaneously write data on two different media which can be located in multiple jukeboxes. In the case of one jukebox failing, a seamless transition to the other assures a smooth continuation of the archiving process and access to all archived data.

  • The PoINT Jukebox Manager offers an effective way to combine multiple physical media into a single, logical volume. These are called ‘Volume Sets’ and each represents a storage subset in which every medium can also be read individually. Files and directories can be seamlessly spread over these media by using the UDF File System.

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