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Document Manager by Document Logistix (DM) is a powerful and comprehensive document management and workflow solution that goes far beyond the conventional capture and storage of documents. It centrally manages the flow of documents between users, departments and external customers. DM maintains constant document and user security by controlling who has access to which documents. DM integrates tight and flexible control of document security and user privileges which supports immediate on-line access to those who are authorized to access documents. All under a highly disciplined central control regime.

The Document Logistix solution is used by both large and small organizations across the planet. DM has the ability to scale its robust platform for a small three person office all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. Its presence is felt across all market sectors including insurance, health care, human resources, accounting, legal, engineering, government, transportation, and education.

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Document Logistix Document Manager Product Suite
Document Manager
The flagship document management product provides the central structure and repository around which all other components are built. Document Logistix DM is a powerful system that can go far beyond the conventional capture and storage of documents.

This flexible, scalable system enables our customers to centrally manage the flow of documents into and out of their business. Documents can remain under tight control with a granular security structure based on users and groups. Document access can be restricted at numerous levels all the way down to the annotations. Document Logistix DM will provide your employees with immediate on-line access to mission critical documents without risk of revealing too much information or the documents being misplaced.


Workflow Module

The Workflow module is a robust, scalable automation engine for document process, such as Purchase Order approval. It provides system architects with tools to design and build highly efficient information flows that implement business logic, rules and policies.

Workflow software allows the information architect to automate the creation of each document, configure a sequence of notifications to parties such as approvers, and determine which documents will be archived in the document management system.

Comprising an integral part of an organizationís enterprise content management system, the status of documents can be controlled at every process point - an integral part of BPM (Business Process Management) -, removing any doubt about the path that each document will follow.

Exchange Email Module
Document Logistix DM provides a seamless and automatic interface into the Document Logistix Document Management System from e-Marc™, which operates in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server to copy email messages and their attachments into a secure repository outside the mail server.

e-Marc™, a product from CC Data Ltd, sends a copy of each email to Document Logistix DM at the point of sending or receiving.

This combination of software can manage all emails and all documents in a central, unified system with full indexing, searching and retrieval processes.

Mail server performance is not impeded since the Document Logistix DM and e-Marc software can reside on separate systems.

Life-cycle management rules enable the administrator to optimize disk space on the mail server, and to meet common compliance regulations protecting messages from deletion.

Web Module
Document Logistix DM Web allows you to publish folders and documents to your Intranet or the Internet with full access and privilege security centrally within Document Logistix DM. In most cases there is no need to download plug-ins, standard web browsers can be used to view documents to which the logged in person has access. Document Logistix DM Web supports hyperlinking so that correspondence such as email can direct individuals to the exact document they require as long as they have the access required to view it.

Document Logistix DM Web continually evolves to bring the latest in technology to our customers. Many of the most popular features of Document Logistix DM are also available in the thin client. This includes workflow, annotations, email and more. Document Logistix DM Web can bring together distributed facilities so that they work and operate as a cohesive team.

Sorting Office Module
Document Logistix DM Sorting Office is ideal for high volume, distributed and complex document capture environments. Two versions are available, Sorting Office, which is ideal in environments with good network connections and Sorting Office Remote which minimizes network traffic and is ideal for distributed capture environment across slow network links. Sorting Office Remote can also be used as a standalone front end capture utility for integration with other systems.

The modular structure of Sorting Office allows you to perform scanning and indexing on a single workstation or distribute it as a workflow process between multiple workstations and sites.

Image scanners, network scan servers, fax systems and digital copiers are all supported along with automated barcode reading and intelligent recognition indexing to part or fully automate the indexing process.

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