Infonic Hosted Document Management

The costs of owning and maintaining state of the art document management technology can be impractical for many businesses.

There are the up-front costs of purchasing servers, scanning equipment and software, ongoing costs of hosting servers in a secure environment with disaster recovery backup. There are costs of scanning legacy documentation and ongoing server, network and software maintenance costs.

With Document Manager Hosted Data Management those costs can be outsourced to an affordable, expert provider for a low monthly fee; bringing state of the art document management and workflow technology within reach of every organization.

Better document management

The benefits of DM technologies are well known. These systems revolutionize businesses by enabling information to be created and deployed more easily, stored more safely and retrieved more quickly. Access to business information is improved and businesses become more effective and more profitable.

Document Manager Hosted Data Services, in association with Devigo, put this business changing technology within reach of every business.

Hosted data services allow businesses to benefit from the very best in document management and workflow technologies, without having to pay large up front costs or ongoing maintenance costs.

Document Manager Hosted Data Services give you access to the top of the range OM technology, for a fraction of the cost of owning it yourself. With Document Manager Hosted Data Services you donít need to employ the technicians to maintain the technology for you. All security and maintenance is taken care of by Document Manager and Devigo.

By removing the large up front costs, our unique hosted solution allows Document Manager customers to pay an affordable monthly fee that is predictable and easy to budget for.

For more information on the Infonic line of products please contact our sales staff.

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